Why our office is Special!

  • Dr. Stasun does all wire adjustments and appliance placements himself.
  • Dr. Stasun times treatment so that most patients need to be treated only once.
  • Dr. Stasun is full-time in Half Moon Bay and sees patients 3 days a week.
  • All radiographs, models, etc. are performed at his office: no going 'over the hill'.
  • Whenever possible, we fit appointments to your schedule (before and after school, etc.).
  • Treatment costs are divided over the length of treatment. Let us know your needs and we will work with you. No Interest is charged.
  • We will work with and bill your insurance.
  • Dr. Stasun can be contacted at his home, or via his cell phone in case of emergency. (Appropriate phone numbers are provided with first treatment.)