Staff and

Annette Thornton

Business Coordinator

Annette worked at Bay Area Labels in San Jose for 24 years before relocating to Half Moon Bay in 2003.  She worked at Cunha Intermediate School as the school Registrar for several years before joining the staff at Dr. Stasun’s office.  She has been married to Brian since 1986 and they have 3 wonderful sons, Taylor (24), Mathew (22) and Ben (19).  All of whom are attending college at the same time!

Annette loves animals (of all kinds) and has fostered several dogs and found them caring fur-ever homes.

She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, being crafty with things…and most of all…seeing the awesome kids that come into the office!

Chris Guio

Orthodontic Assistant

Chris previously worked in publishing at InfoWorld magazine for 19 years, and also worked at Cunha Intermediate School for 5 years.  She and her husband moved to the Coastside in 1997 and have two adult children who grew up here.  Chris and her daughter were very involved with 4H and led the rabbit project for several of those years.  Her husband was an Assistant Boy Scout leader (her son is an Eagle Scout) and currently coaches the HMB High School golf team. 

Chris owns four rescue dogs and fosters dogs for rescue groups until they are ready to be adopted into a permanent home.  So far, she’s helped approximately 30 dogs find their forever homes. She and her daughter also enjoy horseback riding together in their free time.

Chris enjoys meeting new patients and having the chance to see people she already knows from having lived in the community.



The office makes every effort to know early dismissal days, P.E. times and teacher in-service days in order to help parents with scheduling appointments. Ken's wife, Kathleen, can be seen helping in his office. Kathleen also enjoys working as a volunteer for Holt International Children's Services facilitating the adoption of foreign babies. Dr Stasun’s 28-year-old son, Kevin, is a Patent Specialist at a Law Firm in Texas. Katelin, Dr. Stasun’s daughter, graduated from Sonoma State University and completed paralegal training at Empire College.