Dr. Stasun received his Bachelors of Science at Western Reserve University.  He graduated from the School of Dentistry at Case Western Reserve.  After dental school Dr. Stasun joined the United States Public Health service with the rank of Captain. He had a one-year rotating dental internship, after which he was assigned to the Indian Health Service. For two years he was in charge of three Indian dental clinics, one on the rim, and another at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The third location was at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, California. Being the only dentist at the three Public Health facilities Dr. Stasun performed all aspects of dentistry from restorations and root canals to oral surgery including third molar extractions and the occasional broken jaw.  The physician at the Peach Springs reservation would often call upon Dr. Stasun to suture facial wounds.  He left the service as a Lt. Commander and attended the University of California in San Francisco for his orthodontic residency. After his residency he specialized exclusively in orthodontics.